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Archero – A Complete Guide To Master The Game!

Archero is one of the top best action games with intensive gameplay and impressive features. Always start with the tutorial and tweaks to learn about the gameplay. Once you have completed it, then you can head over to the real gameplay. The controls of the game are simple that you can master without struggling with lots of issues. Plenty of chapters are available in the game that you need to complete one by one. In order to complete one chapter, you need to focus on completing its various stages. 

In every chapter, you need to kill enemies with which you will be rewarded with a good number of coins and experience points. When you earn enough experience points, then you are able to level up in the adventure. Try to be careful because your one mistake may fall you into a troublesome situation, and you may need to start the chapter from scratch.

Know the best weapons

If you are playing Archero, then there are various weapons that you should take into consideration. It is important to know about the different weapons to understand the complex weapon system properly. There are four basic types of weapons available that include tornadoes, bows, blades, and scythes. Every weapon has its different rarities. You can judge these weapons on the basis of their colors. The green weapons are great, whereas white weapons are common.

In addition to this, you can find rare weapons which are of blue color. The purple-colored weapons are epic. Try to know all about the different weapons and then use them strategically to make progress faster and without hassles.

Importance of gems

While playing Archero, you also need to know the importance of gems. Well, gems are known as the important currency that you can earn in plentiful ways. Try to earn gems by implementing the right tactics. You can also buy gems by spending your real money. You should keep progressing in the game because it helps players to gain gems. Make progress throughout the chapters in order to load your account with unlimited gems.

Once you got enough gems, you need to spend them smartly in order to make the most out of them. It is also a beneficial tip that beginners should keep in mind for achieving a better position in the game. Instead of reviving yourself with gems, try to save them. 

Try to observe your enemies

After getting prepared to compete against others by having the right equipment, skills, and talent, you should also focus on the actual combat. All you need to do is to pay attention to the behavior of your enemies. In every chapter, you will find different monsters. Try to analyze the opponents as well as their attacks in order to get assistance during the battles. With the help of this, you can get an idea about their movements, which help you to take the right steps for moving to the right position.